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Minivan Transportation

Minivan transportation, which is also called as express transportation, is one of the good and product transportation processes. With this solution offered by Dizayn Konsept you can reach products to the target in a safe, fast and quality way. Do you wonder the reasons to choose this service which replies expectations of almost everybody due to our strong service network and quality staff?

Almost all dispatchers demand to send their products to target address on time and safely. But sometimes it is necessary to transport products quickly. Road transportation is a very valuable choice on this issue but sometimes it takes time for the articulated lorry to fill and depart. In this case minivan transportation is used.

We give you the most ideal services on minivan transportation as Dizayn Konsept. By this way you can reach your dispatches on time and safely. You can examine below the advantages of minivan transportation offered by Dizayn Konsept.

What are the Advantages of Minivan Transportation?

Look at the privileges offered by minivan transportation closely.

Fast Delivery

Minivan transportation is the unique solution to deliver your dispatches to target addresses on demanded date and time. One of the reasons of preferring minivan transportation is that time is longer than expected for road transportation and articulated lorries go slower. On the other hand, it is possible to do delivery to the address with minivans. Articulated lorries cannot enter everywhere while minivan can enter heavy traffic areas.

Efficient Prizes

In fact minivan transportation is the most ideal service according to price – performance rate. It is the fastest choice after airlines for quick and cheap transportation. So it will always be advantageous for you to benefit from minivan solutions instead of taking airline cargo service.

Reliable Solutions

Reliability is one the most important issues after price advantage during transportation processes. If you want to have a reliable service, you should use minivan transportation service of Dizayn Konsept. Our firm gives importance to you and your dispatches in its services and makes all improvements in order transport your products safely.

Minivan Transportation Prices

Minivan transportation prices are frequently asked issues about this service. So it is important to know how prices are determined.

The most important factors determining prices at minivan transportation are weight and dimensions of load. Price of a dispatch increases in direct proportion with the size of load. Another determining factor is the service route. As Dizayn Konsept, we take your dispatches to everywhere without distinguishing locations. And we offer efficient prices while doing this.

Correct Choice with Dizayn Konsept

Dizayn Konsept uses all the experience it has in order to offer the best in transportation. Besides we do not make any concession from quality while giving on minivan transportation services. You can also use the most ideal services with Dizayn Konsept which has a strong fleet, technology based understanding and service variety. You will feel the advantage of cooperating with an innovative trademark.

Goods subject to customs legislation are kept under supervision of customs authorities at warehouses until foreign trade operations are completed. The process between purchasing goods from a manufacturer and sending to another location is called warehousing. It is possible to store these goods at a warehouse, at an empty room or at other facilities. Type of warehousing changes according to amount of stock and size of work. If you have a small enterprise, your warehousing does not have to include transportation.

A storeroom which is used for effective storage and transportation of depot goods and materials is called a depositary. On this context it is possible to use “storeroom” and “distribution centre” terms instead of each other. Using “planned” and “effective” terms in the definition is very important for warehousing.

Types of Warehouses

Warehouses are called with different names according to their features. Types of warehouses are given below.

Private Warehouses: They belong to private institutions for storage of their own products and equipment.

Public Warehouses: They belong to a state or public institution. They can be rented by private firms to store goods.

Co-Operative Warehouses: They belong to a cooperative and can be rented by private firms for storage.

Distribution Centres: Distribution centres receive freight shipments and transport them from point A to point B in a fast way.

Advantages of Warehouses

Warehousing has many advantages apart from storage function. These advantages are:

Improved Inventory Accuracy: You can plan the future more accurately if you know the amount of your inventory and transportation methods.

Reduced General Cost: You can make more investments and reduce costs as much as you improve the operation of a warehouse.

Better Personnel Performance: When you foresee busy periods of your enterprise, you can plan personnel requirements better.

Protection of Goods: It is very important for an enterprise to have a storage facility meeting requirements of goods. If you have perishable goods requiring refrigeration, you must have a warehouse with this standard.

Contact us to benefit from our warehousing services.

We support you with valuable services as Dizayn Konsept Logistics. We keep your products safe with our warehousing solutions with or without customs clearance.

Free warehousing operations are also known as warehousing operations without customs clearance. As it can be understood from its name, in this choice stored goods are not subject to any customs clearance operation as their customs transactions are already completed.

Customs clearance of products which are not free moving should be done. Otherwise these products must wait at the warehouse. Different from warehouse, as free storage does not have customs transactions, every product cannot be stored in this choice.

What are Free Storage Operations?

You can keep your products in our free storage in order to benefit from storage transactions of products which are not free moving. What are our offers in our free storage? You can find all details below:

Customs cleared products which are not yet taken by their owners can be kept at free storages. Everything is kept safely here. All precautions are taken as in warehousing operations about product storage.

Fire and safety systems are installed at free storages, as in warehouses, to provide safety of products. So you can benefit from quality solutions. If you also want to store your free moving products for a certain time, you can contact Dizayn Konsept.

Why Dizayn Konsept Logistics?

Answering your demands especially in customs and storage operations, Dizayn Konsept Lojistik offers effective prices and high quality solutions.

We use cutting edge technology while providing safe storage for your goods. We want to answer all your demands on this context. You can contact us for high performance and budget friendly solutions at storage.

You can provide stacking of flammable products with flammable good storage services. As Dizayn Konsept Logistics we do not only provide high quality, but we also offer the highest standards on safety.

Storage of flammable goods cannot be done randomly. It is necessary to comply with certain standards and take necessary precautions on this. The most important detail on flammable good storage is the size of the area. The area should be big enough.

As Dizayn Konsept Logistics we offer high quality and perfect solutions. And we offer our solutions without making concession to quality.

Points to Consider While Storing Flammable Goods

Have you ever wondered important points while storing flammable goods? Dizayn Konsept Logistics explains is promises on services. We stack products in good standards in this scope.

  • We pay attention not to leave flammable material wastes on shelves. We carry out necessary cleaning and controls on this.
  • We protect goods from external dangers with wires and walls.
  • We use 7/24 CCTV cameras for safety.
  • We benefit from lightning rod solutions against thunder risks.
  • We warn employees about prohibitions and breaches inside storages.
  • We take physical precautions against fire, give WHS personnel trainings.
  • We employ specialist personnel on dangerous storage in our firm.
  • Safety standards reach the highest point with disinfection against insects, insurance against natural disasters and ceiling spring system against fires.

We store flammable materials with a quality process management while considering these issues.

Airline transportation is an alternative which uses time in the most ideal way. Airline transportation should be your first choice for your products which do not have high tonnage. Dizayn Konsept should be your only choice for this service.

We have very special alternatives on airline transportation which is expressed as the fastest cargo choice. You can deliver a product to the delivery point in 1-2 days safely. We understand your sensitivity on time and offer appropriate solutions as Dizayn Konsept.

You can prefer us for a complete perfect choice. You will feel the quality of Dizayn Konsept with our solutions.

Advantages of Airline Transportation

The most important advantage of airline transportation is its speed. But this is not the only advantage. You should look at the choices at Dizayn Konsept when you apply for airline transportation!

Direct Flight Chance

You can transport your goods without changeovers with direct flight. Especially loss or damage risks are minimised in this way. This proves the speciality of service you take. Feel the perfectness with Dizayn Konsept with perfect airline transportation!

Alternative Airline Choices

Although we offer you the highest quality choices as Dizayn Konsept, sometimes we compensate problems due to airline companies with alternative airlines. We know that customer satisfaction is the most valuable side of a load transportation process and we give service with this consciousness. It is enough to contact us to have Dizayn Konsept advantages!

Sensible Load Transportation Choice

Airline companies are liable from damages during load transportation. But Dizayn Konsept is a very responsible company in this sense and offers processes with complete safety. You can comfortably wait for delivery of your load. Dizayn Konsept offers sensible load transportation process for a complete customer satisfaction!

Airline Transportation with Efficient Prices

It is not always possible to talk about the most efficient priced services when you use airline transportation. But Dizayn Konsept offers effective priced services in all its solutions. Make your mind in order to have a high quality service with low prices by applying Dizayn Konsept!

How are Airline Transportation Prices Determined?

If you want to take airline transportation service, one of the details you should consider is the determination method of prices. Destination address, type of load and many other details affect price determination in airline transportation. These factors are important as in other transportation choices.

Why Dizayn Konsept?

Dizayn Konsept meets your expectations while offering you the most appropriate choices on transportation. So when you want to work with Dizayn Konsept, you can be sure that high standards will be used; and with effective prices. In this case you can improve the process to the perfect status with very valuable details. Do not leave your work to chance at airline transportation!

Although maritime transportation is not a satisfactory alternative when time is an important factor, it is one of the most ideal choices for transportation of high tonnage goods. It is very valuable to consider various details when you give decisions on transportation processes. You can access our services in order to fulfil all your expectations. Because we care for you!

Ships can take different amounts of loads according to sizes and this makes maritime transportation the first choice for those demanding price advantage. Many people prefer maritime transportation due to the high level of safety and quality.

You can also demand safe and cheap transportation of goods with maritime transportation. You can find the most ideal transportation choice with Dizayn Konsept, no matter the types or features of your product are.

Advantages of Maritime Transportation

There are many details to consider during transportation of a good. Price, quality, security and speed are among these details. As Dizayn Konsept, we promise you correct solutions related with all details. Here are the alternatives for a maritime transportation!

Full Container or Partial Transportation Choice

Type and amount of load is very important for maritime transportation, as in other types of transportation. You can complete transportation process with full container or partial container choices. This choice does not only provide efficient prizes but it also makes a fast loading process possible. You can decide on the ideal choice by contacting Dizayn Konsept.

Special Container Types According to Load

Container is a closed medium where loads are put inside. Containers can change according to features of the load. In this scope Open Top containers are used for flooding loads or Flat Racks are used for very wide products. As Dizayn Konsept, we provide different container types for different needs and services. We suggest you to make your container choice according to our specialists’ accumulation of knowledge. By this way the process is completed with success without any problem.

Service at All Ports of the World

Besides the advantage of price, maritime transportation gives chance to make transportation to almost all countries of the world. In this sense, very big sized loads are loaded on ships and reach destination addresses after a long route. If you also want to send your load to the other side of the world, you can plan a maritime transportation with Dizayn Konsept.

Port to Port and Door to Door Transportation

You can use door to door or port to port transportation choices according to transportation demands of your business partners and your operation methods. Dizayn Konsept responds all your demands on transportation types with a privileged process. You should only start the process in order to have a perfect transportation!

Maritime Transportation Prices

Maritime transportation is an effective priced choice with high quality. Unit price decreases by transporting high amounts of loads and people prefer this choice for the quality and price. You can also reach the best service with Dizayn Konsept. By selecting an appropriate solution, you will have the ideal solution on price – performance context.

Partial transportation offered by our firm provides some advantages. As a term partial means incomplete or including parts. The basic purpose in transportation sector is to reduce costs by planning loads on the same roads.

Load industry has many varieties inside it and there are many transportation modes. On this context it is also possible to use partial transportation services in maritime transportation.  Use of a single transportation ship for cargo of more than one dispatcher and / or for delivery to more than one receiver is called partial transportation. At the destination point, ship or container is unloaded and each dispatch can be demanded by appropriate receiver.

Importance of Partial Transportation

Especially for international transportation, carrying a small load with a single vehicle means a high cost. Instead of a complete transportation of a single firm, combining loads of customers to fill the vehicle provides important advantages on prices.

Partial transportation gives effective and fast solutions with combined use of road and maritime transportation. Maritime vessels and different road transportation types are used in combination to transport cargo fast. By this way the most appropriate transportation is used and costs are reduced.

Maritime cargo transportation is one of the most preferred partial transportation types. When the load is not enough and one shipper cannot fill the container, loads of different customers are shipped on the same vessel. With this method which is called as partial ocean transportation, loads on the same route are unloaded to ports or transfer ports and delivered to related addresses via road.

High Quality Partial Transportation Service

Partial transportation can be successful by organising and coordinating many factors as there are different customers, different loads and addresses. Different distribution addresses requires cautious use and distribution. Any fault or inattention can cause loss of time and financial losses. Contact us to have detailed information about partial transportation.

You can use project transportation to ship your non-standard loads.

Scope of Project Transportation

Products and equipment with extraordinary weight and dimensions can be loaded in scope of this service. With this service it is possible to transport loads which cannot be carried by normal vehicles and they are delivered to destination addresses. Our firm gives service for project loads both in Turkey and in Europe. You can also benefit from these services in the most effective way. Project transportation provides shipment of loads which are very important for realization of certain projects. So all loads must be delivered to their destination addresses on time.

If they cannot be delivered on time, it can cause many problems for the projects. Service and advantages of project transportation are given below:

  • Taking road permissions,
  • Project transportation-scenario management,
  • Storage service appropriate to project,
  • Survey,
  • Order monitoring service,
  • Key-turn cost management,
  • Heavy load transportation,
  • Heavy cargo,
  • Document delivery,
  • Insurance on Goods,
  • Packing and Fixation,
  • Full charter-Part Charter vessel renting,
  • Crane,
  • Heavy load storage and transfer,
  • Local information service,
  • Foreign trade and legislation support service,
  • Technical equipment supply service,
Professional Project Loads

Professional loads can create serious problems. Road must be evaluated on all contexts and possible risks must be minimised. Otherwise transportation cannot be done successfully as planned. Our firm offers high quality solutions for a successful transportation process. You can have detailed information and use our services by contacting us.

Our firm also gives packing service in scope of transport services. You can use this service to pack your goods perfectly. Contact us to benefit from our professional packing services. Let’s examine products and packages used in scope of packing service.

Scope of Packing Service

Transportation package types used in road, maritime and air transportation include the following among others:

Cargo boxes made of plywood: We use these boxes to pack big and sensitive goods. These are very light and strong boxes.

Cargo boxes made of solid wood: They are the highest quality packages used to carry heavy items. Their strong structure protects all products against external factors.

Fibercardboard boxes: They are made by applying press on wood waste. They are very compact and strong no matter the direction of load is. This kind of boxes is designed to carry lighter and smaller objects.

Ajour cargo boxes: They can carry both light and heavy boxes. They protect products against corrosion with special barrier coating. As an additional advantage, ajour cargo boxes are cheaper than solid wood boxes.

Military boxes: They are prepared according to project. They have special interior hardware in mould and holder form to keep arms and ammunition. This kind of boxes is fixed with high quality hinges, locks and connection parts.

Pallet boxes: These boxes are made on bottom of a pallet. They can be made of any material as wood, plywood, OSB or fibreboard. They are generally used to carry vegetables, fruits or smaller items.

Carrying platforms: They are used at production facilities, warehouses and plants. Their basic use is transportation of non-standard and bulky products. Some of our activities include individual design and adjustments according to special customer order based on agreed technical propositions and size of big objects.

You can contact us to benefit from professional transportation services and packing advantages.

Handling is expressed as material processing work. This process affects productivity at warehouses, production facilities and distribution centres. An inefficient facility causes errors and delays which damages the customer loyalty and business competition.

Transportation of materials is not only related with classifying goods into unit loads. Successful enterprises spend time in order to monitor and improve material processing systems to protect the following areas.

  • Integrity of goods
  • Productivity of retail warehouses, 3PL warehouses, distribution centres or production facilities
  • Physical and spiritual health of employees

When a dispatch is received, a good material transportation process provides transportation of goods from the dock to the appropriate shelf on time. It also considers appropriate control of materials. With a material handling process which limits access to certain parts of warehouse with certain employees, you can decrease theft, damage and deterioration risks. Appropriate material handling allows warehouses to store goods in an organised way and makes it easy to select inventory for dispatches and packing.

How is Handling Executed?

Your warehouse storage affects your material transportation system much. A bad warehouse layout causes bottlenecks, increases movement waste (more than necessary movement inside warehouse) and increases injury risk due to manual material use. A good designed warehouse layout eases processes, decreases worker movements and affects physical and mental health of employees in a positive way. Following equipment is used for handling:

Storage and transportation equipment: Goods are stored between delivery and transportation times. Stacking frames and shelves are examples for this equipment.

Designed systems: These are automatic systems which transport goods from a warehouse in an efficient way and decrease the need for manual intervention. Examples of this equipment are automatic storage and access systems (AS / RS), robotic distribution systems, automatic guided vehicles and conveyor systems.

Industrial trucks: These are motor vehicles which move materials inside a warehouse. Forklifts, hand barrows and pallet jacks are examples of these vehicles.

Bunk Material Transportation Equipment: This equipment helps workers to carry big loads. Bucket chains, stackers and silos are examples of this equipment.

As one of the most important steps of transportation sector, barcoding provides safe transportation of products to destination points. With barcoding service, which is given in scope of transportation services, you can send you product and goods to different addresses safely. Barcoding provides various advantages as follows:

Product Management

Production and test data are created, product description code is used for production quality control data, product control is completed, product description code and product files are created, production plan is arranged, production process is monitored and production range quality is improved with barcoding.

Sales Information System

Sales and distribution management of computers can be used for fast and correctly wit barcodes.  On this context barcoding is very important for sales information system.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse, inventory, monthly stock transfer and different works can be monitored easily with barcoding.

Inventory Management

With barcoding it is possible to describe types, features, origins, trade names and packages of goods and to list different goods according to distribution departments.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse area management is the management of inventory area. When goods are at warehouse, it is possible to execute first in first out or batch management according to stock period of goods at the warehouse.

Single Piece Good Management

Barcode technology does not only manage product stocks according to types, but it also manages a certain single piece of product stock. Using the product cursor, status of a single product can be saved and product can be followed and managed. By this way warehousing can be executed more precisely.

Sorting Management

During distribution and warehousing of goods, it is necessary to deal with many goods in a fast and efficient way using different equipment and collection methods. We automatically separate and select goods using barcode technology.

Barcode scanner device is used to scan barcodes. Optical principle is used in order to decode barcode content and transfer to a computer or other equipment via a data line or wireless connection. You can prefer us to use these services in the most efficient way.

Do you want to benefit from cheap and fast solutions of road transportation? Then you can apply Dizayn Konsept to access our satisfying services.

Road transportation means transporting goods to the destination address with vehicles like articulated lorry or trucks. In this sense road transportation offers short transport times and efficient prices. This service has both advantages and disadvantages when compared with maritime and airline transportation. So you can prioritize details which are important for you.

We give priority to services special to demand while meeting expectations. If you also wonder the service you will take during your transportation, look at our service standards more closely!

Scope of Road Transportation Service

As Dizayn Konsept we aim the best in our services. We also offer you choices to prefer quality. Here are the alternatives for road transportation!

Complete and Partial Articulated Lorry Transportation

You can use advantages of complete or partial articulated lorry transportation according to amount and loading requirements of your products. And we offer solutions for you not to wait for long periods for both services. We send your load to the destination address at one time and we give efficient prices for partial transportation.

Safe and Fast Transportation

One of the most valuable features of road transportation is its speed. We take necessary precautions to transport products fast and safely. We keep vehicle quality always at the top standards and we succeed to reach the ideal level with our conscious personnel. You can also access the most ideal choices by preferring Dizeyn Konsept.

Vehicle Tracking Chance

If you want to carry out transportation processes with an improved quality, vehicle tracking chance is a valuable one! As Dizayn Konsept, we provide daily tracking of our vehicles and make the processes continue with the highest quality. You should look at this distinctive service of Dizayn Konsept in order to track your products.

Door to Door Delivery

We use professionals for transportation between vehicles. By this way transportation process becomes more qualified and products are not damaged. We keep quality at the top level during loading and unloading and use related equipment to minimise risks.

Road Transportation Prices

Do you want to benefit from the most successful services on road transportation? Then contact Dizayn Konsept for efficient prized and quality focused solutions. Our firm supports you with quality vehicles and reliable personnel while making you reach a high quality transportation process. You only take the advantage of efficient prizes.

Prices are determined considering location, load tonnage and amount and insurance status. You can start taking services by considering details important for you. Determine the most important details for a quality service and act quickly!

Why Dizayn Konsept?

We always aim to reach the better while going towards being the pioneer trademark of the sector. We do not make concession from quality and keep customer satisfaction at the top. You can have the best service on road transportation by contacting us.

Performance Logistik GMBH - Performans Group

Contract transportation, which is also called contract logistics, is the transaction where all movements and logistics from raw material to consuming are transferred from producer or distributor companies to logistic institutions. Contract logistics means transferring source management tasks to third party companies. Contract logistics companies carry out the following tasks;

  • Design and planning of supply chains
  • Design of plants
  • Storage
  • Transportation and distribution of goods
  • Processing of orders and collecting payments
  • Managing inventory and activities like providing even some part of customer services.
Scope of Contract Transportation

Logistics management is the most important component of profitability and general success for many companies. Some companies manage their logistics, while others employ contract logistic companies to manage their logistic operations. Contract logistic companies should develop a deep understanding on working principles of different industries in order to manage their logistic operations.

Logistic management for international enterprises is the basic factor of a sustainable rivalry advantage. So many contract logistics company are founded by old logistic managers who already know different sectors.

Professional Solutions with Contract Logistics

Today there are professional firms giving contract logistics services. Our firm is the leading one of them. But many new services damaging traditional supply chain model have emerged since start of these services.

If you also want to have more detailed information about said services and transactions, you are at the correct place. Please contact us to have detailed information on the subject.

Our firm gives the highest importance to customer satisfaction while giving various services. On this context we work with professional and specialist people for contract transportation services. You can tell your requirements in detail by contacting with our firm which is pride of its services complying to its principles and vision. After learning these details we can provide the best services for you.

Project loads are preferred for loads with extraordinary dimension, weight and features. Transportation vehicles have certain dimensions but many equipment, machine and vehicle are carried with project loading works.

Experience is very important for loading works in and out of Europe. This type of load requires very cautious approaches starting from selection of vehicle to evaluation of road. As a trademark with a serious experience on project loading we offer you the best services. As Performans GMBH we finalise the process with our understanding of quality with the following processes:

Process Related with Project Loads

We carry out detailed examinations before accepting demands on project loads and we offer you quality in loading preparations. We execute the following steps in this scope.

Load Examination and Evaluation

Evaluations on loading method of goods with extraordinary dimension and features and types of vehicles are done. Technical specialists and loading professionals give the highest quality solutions. Planning is completed according to load and next phase about road and other details starts.

Road Examination and Evaluation

Road bends, slopes and other details are examined. If road is not appropriate for load, alternative routes are selected. Evaluation continues until finding the most ideal choice for load. Here delivering the load is not the only issue here, providing efficient costs is also important. Road examination is completed in detail for that purpose.

Different Transportation Solutions: Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal solutions are evaluated in order to give quality choices on project loads. Especially in order to avoid delays, evaluations are based on load, cost, speed and safety factors.

Contact us to have detailed information on project loads and benefit from our services.

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation or combined transportation is the combination of at least two or more transportation modes in order to send your cargo from a country to another one.

As the basic feature of multimodal transportation, although it includes various transport modes, it is given under a single bill of lading.

Advantages of Multimodal transportation

Logistics operator will offer you the fastest and most competitive transport vehicles combination or route and reduce costs and time intervals. Fast delivery and lower costs provide user of multimodal transportation a competitive price and they can reply demands of the market faster.

We provide effective solutions to deliver your goods to target destinations by benefiting from Intra-European transportation processes. We make extra effort in order to provide security of products transported with different vehicles in scope of intra-transportation. Do you also want to benefit from these services? We join intra-transportation processes and perfection at the European area as Performans GMBH.

Transnational movement is free between European Union countries. Intra-transportation service is given as if you move inside one country in this geography where people and goods move freely. Transportation transactions can be executed without customs permissions and other documents inside Europe.

Inland Transportation Choices in Europe

You can use Performans GMBH services to benefit from inland transportation solutions in Europe. Our firm meets your transportation demands with special solutions with the following choices.

Railway Transportation

There are many railways in Europe and they are preferred intensively both for transportation in and between countries. You can benefit from railway transportation for the most successful alternatives. We offer you the best in railway transportation as Performans GMBH. Please contact us to transport your goods on railway.

Maritime Transportation

It is better to use maritime transportation between some countries in Europe based on costs and transportation quality. We offer successful maritime transportation choices as Performans GMBH. This type of transportation is offered if we really believe it is more beneficial for you.

Airline Transportation

We deliver your airline goods to target points with our contracted airline agency network.

Why to Choose Performans GMBH?

As Performans GMBH, we offer professional services in transportation processes based on our experience. If you also want to benefit from high quality, high standards and efficient prized solutions, contact us.  Take the most appropriate services from our specialist personnel.

Performans Customs Consultancy - Performans Group

Security deposit is defined as depositing tax and duties of imported goods to be refunded in scope of exemptions given in Customs Legislation.

Security Deposit Service

In order to carry out your security deposit transactions, specialist personnel of Performans Customs Consultancy follow the process from beginning to end.

In scope of deposit service applications, Inward Processing, Temporary Importation, Customs Warehousing and transactions related with Processing Under Customs Control are carried out. We pledge to use related exemption and security deposit types in scope of Customs Legislation in your advantage. We offer you practical solutions while providing competitive privileges.

In Exportation Regulation Article 4 Paragraph N Transit trade is defined as sales of a good bought from a firm or warehouse located outside or at free zone in transit from our country or directly to another firm or warehouse located abroad or at free zone. 13th article’s 3rd paragraph of the same regulation states that goods forbidden to trade in International Agreements and Material Politics of Customs Authorities cannot be subject to transit trade. It is not possible to do transit trade with countries forbidden to do importation and exportation.

Customs transactions of transit trade are carried out in scope of Transit regime. Transit Regime is applied to transportation of goods which are not subject to importation taxes and trade politics precautions and customs transactions of which are completed, from a point to another point inside Turkish Customs Area under inspection of Customs .

Transit Customs Clearance

Transit customs clearance is the name given to the transaction of shipment for importation transactions from abroad with different methods and packing solutions at customs areas and internal customs.

It is a customs procedure to carry goods. It is carried out between two points of a customs area or between two or more different customs areas.

Using customs transit procedure permits to suspend customs taxes, other taxes and trade politics precautions valid for importation temporarily. By this way customs transactions can be done at the destination point instead of entrance point.

For transit customs transactions, a petition, t1, t2, ncts or articulated lorry papers and bill of lading and delivery order must be submitted. And a copy of the invoice prepared by the seller firm abroad is given in the name of the shipment firm in Turkey.


Importation means moving a good from other countries or free zones to Turkish customs area according to applicable importation legislation and customs rules or other entrance and transactions which are accepted to be importation by authorities.

You have to notify customs administration that you are going to import your good, which is transported to Turkey and submitted to customs. This notification is called as “customs declaration” in the customs legislation.

You will use customs declaration form when you notify customs administration about your importation. Customs declaration for importation includes information like sender-receiver firm information, value, tariff, origin, transportation information, taxes if applicable, and accompanying papers.

Importation is called as “entrance to free movement” in importation customs legislation. You can fill a free movement entrance declaration via BİLGE System and give your declarations.

You have to fill customs declaration form in the electronic medium, you cannot fill it manually. Customs transactions are carried out at the electronic medium using BİLGE software which is the abbreviation of the term “Computerized Customs Activities” in Turkish. BİLGE system is the software which makes it possible to carry out all customs transactions from entrance to exit of the good to and from customs area on real time basis. You need a user code, password and an electronic signature in order to enter BİLGE system. You can also do your transactions by giving a proxy to a customs consultancy.

Your liability to pay customs tax due to importation starts at the date this declaration is registered. You can find more information on this on 1st and 10th titles in this part.

Customs administration can check your declaration and annexed documents in order to search their correctness, demand other documents, inspect your good, take samples from your good for detailed inspection and analysis and send this sample to laboratory for analysis.

Scope of control and inspection carried out by customs administration on your importation transaction is determined according to the result of risk analysis performed by the Ministry of Trade.

Customs administration will check your customs declarations, inspect your product if it is necessary and determine your taxes.

You can pay these taxes via State banks.

After that your customs declaration, tax and monetary penalty decisions related with this declaration are automatically closed.

Your goods are delivered to you after controls and payment of taxes by customs administration.

What is Customs Clearance?

Customs Clearance is the service of dealing with transactions and relations with the state during passage of product or services from customs areas at foreign trade activities with a foreign country.

Dispatcher can wonder what customs transaction means and what transportation choices are there before dispatching various goods. Each international maritime dispatch must meet customs clearance quota at each country.

Customs clearance is the procedure which is necessary to give permission to goods transported to a country via a customs agent. In this process, parties of the process will have information about imported or exported dispatches.

Scope of Importation Customs Clearance

Importation customs clearance activities which are also known as customs clearance activities are followed by direct representatives who act in the name or account of others or by representatives who act in their own name for the account of others. These persons are called as customs consultants. Customs consultants give various services while carrying out customs clearance activities.

Customs clearance activities are also followed by persons settled in Turkish Customs area except those dealing with transit transportation. Representatives of maritime, road and airline enterprises and transportation institutions can follow transactions of their goods directly. Direct representatives can be individuals who represent institutions officially. Besides employees of a firm having representation can do this work.

Professional Customs Clearance Services

Customs clearance services are given by customs consultancy companies. Customers have to give proxy to customs consultants in order to execute customs clearance activities. After taking proxy, customs consultants act in their own name and carry out operations at customs administrations in the name of proxy givers.

Scope of customs clearance activities are generally as follows:

  • Determination of Customs Tariff Statistical Position (GTİP) before submitting customs declaration,
  • Analysis of tax and procedures according to the customs regime that goods will be subject to,
  • Application and follow up for applicable permission or compliances,
  • Handling, opening, consultancy, submitting customs declaration.

Exportation can be defined simply as selling and dispatching a good from one country to another one. Customs Law defines exportation term more technically. According to this, exportation means dispatch of free moving goods from a country to another country. Some of the frequently asked questions about exportation are given below:

Exportation regime; it is the regime where provisions are applied when free moving goods exit Turkish Customs Area for exportation.

Advantages of exportation;

Countries earn foreign currency with exportation. Different institution and authorities provide various convenience and advantages for exportation transactions. On top of the advantages of exportation there are tax exemptions. This is generally called as “tax refund”. You can refund Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and VAT you pay for a good using SCT and VAT exemption for exportations carried out under certain conditions. Besides customs tax is not applied for exportation. You do not pay customs tax for exported goods.

How can I be an Exporter?

All real or public persons who have a tax number can be an exporter by being a member of an exporter union related with the exported product. It is not necessary to take a special permission or license in order to be an exporter in our country.

Can I export all products?

You can export all products which are not forbidden by the state.

You have to take permission from public authorities in order to export some goods. When you decide to make exportation, we advise you to learn whether you need to take a permission or if your product is forbidden to be exported. In order to do this it is enough to look at the list of goods which are forbidden to be exported or for which you have to take permission. First you should identify your product well, and know its commercial name and features in order to learn whether your product is in these lists. You can contact us to learn if your product is in the forbidden or preliminary permission list.

Scope of Exportation Customs Transactions
  • Determination of related Customs Tariff Statistic Position of exported good.
  • Taking permissions for goods which are subject to exportation permission according to principles and procedures given in the exportation regime and related legislation. (Example: health certificate, non-hazardous waste exportation permission etc.)
  • Preparing customs declaration according to Customs Law, related regulations and the legal customs regime after checking necessary documents which will be submitted to customs directorate.
  • Following and completing transactions of prepared exportation declaration at the related customs.
  • Preparing movement documents according to countries and doing approvals.
  • Digital archiving of exportation documents.
  • Delivery of papers accompanying goods to transporter.
  • Following closing of exportation declarations. (Vedop)

Providing the widest solution on customs applications, Performans Gümrük offers you perfect services on opening permissions! We support you in all your transactions in scope of Customs Legislation and make you use this right in importation/exportation processes. We control the process of examination of goods and products.

Opening Permission which is regulated in scope of Customs Regulation can be seen as a preliminary examination. Given in 41st article of Customs Law, this right is explained in 87th article of the same law. According to this it is expressed that; ‘Permission can be given to related and authorised persons on demand to examine or sample a good which enters customs before it is subjected to a transaction or use approved by customs’.

What is the Purpose of Opening Permission?

Customs Declaration determines type of good and its tariff. So it is necessary to know type and tariff of each good for customs transactions. But customs consultants sometimes do not have enough information on this. In this case physical inspection becomes necessary.

Tariff is determined and preliminary examination of products can be done in scope of opening permission. Especially it is possible to do detailed examinations in order to determine whether the product complies with the original in scope of opening permission. In this case customs consultants make examinations in the name of institution and trademarks they represent.

Performans Gümrük and Opening Permission

Opening Permission is not always used, it is preferred exceptionally. But if there is inconsistency between documents and goods at importation transactions, customs consultant can do physical examination of the related product. As Performans Gümrük we act strictly according to the laws in order to protect our customers from legal problems.

We give importance to inconsistency between documents and goods which can make you face with the crime of smuggling. Evidences are set forth with a physical examination in case of a possible legal investigation. By this way it is possible to benefit from a double protection system. Benefit from Opening Right in scope of our professional services!

We carry out INF document transactions and related information forms in your name by taking professional support. As Performans Gümrük, we give you perfect support on INF documents. We carry out all necessary processes related with each form in your name.

If you also demand support from Performans Gümrük on INF document transactions, you can take our support on the following form and subjects.

INF 1 Information Form

INF 1 information form; it is a form used to make declaration on tax amounts, interest, trade politics precautions and guarantee. You can contact Performans Gümrük to do all transactions related with this form.

INF 2 Information Form

It is used for declarations about goods which are subject to inward processing regime, exemptions about processed products and temporary exported goods.  You can contact Performans Gümrük to do all transactions related with INF 2 information form.

INF 5 Information Form

You can use INF 5 information form to benefit from tax exemption related with imported goods and to do related declarations. You can contact Performans Gümrük to do all transactions related with this form.

INF 6 Information Form

It is related with customs liability determinations and tax transactions of relocated goods related with temporary importation regime. You can contact Performans Gümrük to do all transactions related with INF 6 information form.

INF 7 Information Form

INF 7 form is used for declarations about refunding systems and tax refunds or cancellations. You can contact Performans Gümrük to do all transactions related with this information form.

INF 8 Information Form

INF 8 information form is related with determinations about customs warehouse regime, handling and customs liabilities. You can contact Performans Gümrük to do all transactions related with this form.

INF 9 Information Form

It is related with transactions approved b

Temporary import permission, or with its other name temporary import regime, is one of 8 regimes determined in the Customs Legislation. This practice allows keeping goods coming to Turkey in our borders for a temporary period. Inconsumable goods can be exempted from customs tax with this way. Exemption can be partially or completely cancelled.

In scope of temporary import regime, incoming goods have to leave Turkey before the validity period of permission. But when they leave, they will not be changed and will have the features when they had at the beginning. These goods cannot enter free movement too. Temporary imported goods must be kept at a certain place. No serious change is done on these goods except ordinary wear and when they exit, the permission also ends.

What are the Characteristics of Temporary Import Permission?

It is necessary to know basic characteristics of temporary import regime which is one of the most preferred customs applications. As Performans Gümrük, we do not neglect informing our customers while we offer a high quality service. You can be sure that goods have the following characteristics for our temporary import permission solutions.

  • Goods coming to Turkey must not have been imported before, that is they must have a foreign origin.
  • They must stay in Turkey for a limited period.
  • Goods which are subject to temporary import must not be changed except ordinary wear.
  • Goods must be partially or completely exempted in scope of temporary import regime.
  • In scope of the said application, incoming goods are accepted to be exempted from Trade Politics applications.
Exemption Types in Temporary Import Regime

Products entering country in scope of temporary import regime can be completely or partially exempted. Goods for complete exemption are listed. For partial exemption, goods except the complete exemption list are eligible.

In scope of complete exemption, there are;

  • Transportation vehicles,
  • Personal or sportive goods coming with passengers,
  • Medical equipment sent at emergencies,
  • Touristic advertisement materials and occupational equipment,
  • Packing and samples,
  • Spare part and accessories.

As Performans Gümrük we support you with our wide services and professional solutions.

Inward processing authorisation certificate and inward processing procedure are designed to give enterprises the chance to process goods imported outside Turkish customs area. By this way enterprises can make decisions on whether they are going to sell finished products in or out of Union. Inward processing procedure can be used for goods that will be processed with standard transactions to protect them, to improve their appearance or marketing quality and to prepare for distribution or resale.

After processing operations, products can be exported again or released for free movement. Besides importation tax, tax payment liabilities and trade politics precautions will be applied. But it is also possible to keep processed products at customs warehouses or free zones.

Inward Processing Regime in Turkey

According to Customs Union Agreement signed between Turkey and European Union on 1st January 1996 with 1/95th Resolution of Turkey-EU Partnership Council, various regulations in harmony with EU regulations were accepted. With one of the said regulations, Turkish exportation incentive system was cancelled and Inward Processing Regime (IPO) was enacted with a decree. This decree numbered 95/7615 came into force on 1st January 1996. Inward Processing Regime (IPO) numbered 2005/8391 came into force on 27th January 2005.

By this way Turkish producers can provide raw materials and intermediate products for exported products without paying customs tax and being subject to trade politics precautions. IPO authority owner is liable to import goods determined in the permission and export goods after processing imported goods. The main purpose of public offering is to keep material prices at the global level and increase rivalry power of Turkish exporters.

Inward Processing System

There are 2 inward processing systems.

Suspension System

Suspension system provides tax exemption to Turkish producers by allowing producer-exporter/importers import raw material and export final products without exportation taxes and VAT.

Disadvantage System

Paid exportation taxes of goods can be subject to tax refund after execution of importation guarantees.

You can contact us to take inward processing permission certificate.

Binding origin information is an administrative decision like binding tariff information. This document is given to persons who will do customs transactions for the first time and it is very valuable for determination of origin. As Performans Customs, we support you in transactions about taking origin information. Besides we try to ease the process while meeting your demands.

Many people who are new at customs transactions think they will have problems due to lack of information. So they want support from a specialist unit or institution in order to have information. If you also feel the same, you should demand binding origin certificate. As the name suggests, it is better to look at the details on how this binding certificate can be taken.

How Can I Apply for Binding Origin Information?

Those who want to take binding origin certificate must make an application for it. This certificate is evaluated as a private administrative decision and it is necessary to fill a form and submit to regional trade directorates for application. The related institution takes a decision according to the application and gives binding information about the origin.

Origin of related goods is determined as given by the decision. If detailed information is wrong, decision can be cancelled. When it is cancelled, validity of the origin information ends at the cancellation date.

Why Performans Customs?

As Performans Customs, we support you with special solutions and quality services. We have been giving services on different areas with solutions on customs transactions for long years.

We support you to take a 3 year permission related with binding origin certificate which is one of the most important areas of customs transactions. We especially give support to take permissions and to renew them at the end of validity.

Ata Carnet Transaction generally means foreign trade transactions executed with Ata Carnets. These documents provide temporary importation and exportation of goods between countries which are parties of the International Temporary Importation Contract and its annexes.

Ata system is organised with coordination of Global Chambers Federation in scope of International Chamber of Commerce and Global Ata Carnet Council in countries.

Benefits of Ata System

As an international system, Ata system is founded to execute temporary importation transactions by customs authorities, institutions, persons and organisations. Ata carnets are guaranteed internationally. With these carnets it is not necessary to do any transaction by importers and customs authorities during importation for any goods.

Ata carnets are prepared easily by carnet holders and controlled by customs authorities easily. Ata carnets reduce the clearance periods of goods. It provides its holder the chance to have more than one contracting party and more than one temporary importation possibility in different validity periods.

Ata Carnets are prepared by officially charged guarantor institutions of each country. These documents are valid for 1 year. It is not possible to prolong their validity period to use goods longer in scope of temporary importation regime.

Which Goods are Appropriate for Ata Carnets?

Usage areas of Ata carnets are below:

  1. Goods to be Exhibited or Used in Exhibitions, Fairs and Similar Organisations
  2. Occupational Materials
  3. Containers, Pallets, Packages, Samples and Other Goods Imported to be Used for a Commercial Activity
  4. Goods Imported for Production
  5. Goods Imported for Educational, Scientific or Cultural Purposes
  6. Personal Belongings of Passengers and Goods Imported for Sportive Purposes
  7. Touristic Promotion Materials
  8. Goods Imported in scope of Border Trade
  9. Goods Imported for Humanitarian Reasons