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Operation Clean Sweep®(OCS) Program

Dizayn Concept is engaged in the prevention of pellet loss and is a participant of Operation Clean Sweep®, an international program to prevent pellet loss in the environment and to fight marine litter.

To prevent marine litter, plastic products must be managed responsibly throughout their lifecycle. The plastics industry plays an important role with its pellet preservation programs. Launched by PlasticsEurope and other industry associations, the OCS program resulted in participants including Dizayn Concept signing the OCS Commitment to implement a variety of preventive measures for pellets across their companies, production facilities and logistics value chain. In addition, Dizayn Konsept both develops its own management system within the scope of OCS and encourages “zero pellet loss” management by informing its suppliers and customers.

Dizayn Concept is an Operation Clean Sweep® program partner that strives to prevent pellet loss.

Operation Clean Sweep®(OCS)

Operation Clean Sweep® is a voluntary program aimed at raising awareness, promoting best practices and providing guidance and tools to support companies in the plastics value chain in implementing necessary pellet loss prevention measures.


Plastics play an important role in improving our quality of life and increasing energy efficiency, but their leakage and damage to the environment must be prevented.

It is estimated that 60-95% of the world’s ocean and sea pollution is composed of plastic waste, and these wastes are dispersed during the production, processing and transportation of plastics.

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is an international initiative carried out by the plastics industry to raise awareness of this danger and to reduce the plastic granule loss of the plastic industry to the environment.

Its Goal: To provide guidelines to help all players in the plastics industry (manufacturers, transporters, processors) follow good sweeping and pellet handling practices to prevent pellet loss in waterways, seas and oceans.

Dizayn Concept’s contributions to helping archive the goal of  ‘zero pellet loss’ include:

  • Promoting Operation Clean Sweep®(OCS) to customers and suppliers
  • Managing the audit guidelines for service norms.
  • The goal of demonstrating exemplary leadership.

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