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Goods subject to customs legislation are kept under supervision of customs authorities at warehouses until foreign trade operations are completed. The process between purchasing goods from a manufacturer and sending to another location is called warehousing. It is possible to store these goods at a warehouse, at an empty room or at other facilities. Type of warehousing changes according to amount of stock and size of work. If you have a small enterprise, your warehousing does not have to include transportation.

A storeroom which is used for effective storage and transportation of depot goods and materials is called a depositary. On this context it is possible to use “storeroom” and “distribution centre” terms instead of each other. Using “planned” and “effective” terms in the definition is very important for warehousing.

Types of Warehouses

Warehouses are called with different names according to their features. Types of warehouses are given below.

Private Warehouses: They belong to private institutions for storage of their own products and equipment.

Public Warehouses: They belong to a state or public institution. They can be rented by private firms to store goods.

Co-Operative Warehouses: They belong to a cooperative and can be rented by private firms for storage.

Distribution Centres: Distribution centres receive freight shipments and transport them from point A to point B in a fast way.

Advantages of Warehouses

Warehousing has many advantages apart from storage function. These advantages are:

Improved Inventory Accuracy: You can plan the future more accurately if you know the amount of your inventory and transportation methods.

Reduced General Cost: You can make more investments and reduce costs as much as you improve the operation of a warehouse.

Better Personnel Performance: When you foresee busy periods of your enterprise, you can plan personnel requirements better.

Protection of Goods: It is very important for an enterprise to have a storage facility meeting requirements of goods. If you have perishable goods requiring refrigeration, you must have a warehouse with this standard.

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