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Transit Trade

In Exportation Regulation Article 4 Paragraph N Transit trade is defined as sales of a good bought from a firm or warehouse located outside or at free zone in transit from our country or directly to another firm or warehouse located abroad or at free zone. 13th article’s 3rd paragraph of the same regulation states that goods forbidden to trade in International Agreements and Material Politics of Customs Authorities cannot be subject to transit trade. It is not possible to do transit trade with countries forbidden to do importation and exportation.

Customs transactions of transit trade are carried out in scope of Transit regime. Transit Regime is applied to transportation of goods which are not subject to importation taxes and trade politics precautions and customs transactions of which are completed, from a point to another point inside Turkish Customs Area under inspection of Customs .

Transit Customs Clearance

Transit customs clearance is the name given to the transaction of shipment for importation transactions from abroad with different methods and packing solutions at customs areas and internal customs.

It is a customs procedure to carry goods. It is carried out between two points of a customs area or between two or more different customs areas.

Using customs transit procedure permits to suspend customs taxes, other taxes and trade politics precautions valid for importation temporarily. By this way customs transactions can be done at the destination point instead of entrance point.

For transit customs transactions, a petition, t1, t2, ncts or articulated lorry papers and bill of lading and delivery order must be submitted. And a copy of the invoice prepared by the seller firm abroad is given in the name of the shipment firm in Turkey.