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Temporary Import Permission

Temporary import permission, or with its other name temporary import regime, is one of 8 regimes determined in the Customs Legislation. This practice allows keeping goods coming to Turkey in our borders for a temporary period. Inconsumable goods can be exempted from customs tax with this way. Exemption can be partially or completely cancelled.

In scope of temporary import regime, incoming goods have to leave Turkey before the validity period of permission. But when they leave, they will not be changed and will have the features when they had at the beginning. These goods cannot enter free movement too. Temporary imported goods must be kept at a certain place. No serious change is done on these goods except ordinary wear and when they exit, the permission also ends.

What are the Characteristics of Temporary Import Permission?

It is necessary to know basic characteristics of temporary import regime which is one of the most preferred customs applications. As Performans Gümrük, we do not neglect informing our customers while we offer a high quality service. You can be sure that goods have the following characteristics for our temporary import permission solutions.

  • Goods coming to Turkey must not have been imported before, that is they must have a foreign origin.
  • They must stay in Turkey for a limited period.
  • Goods which are subject to temporary import must not be changed except ordinary wear.
  • Goods must be partially or completely exempted in scope of temporary import regime.
  • In scope of the said application, incoming goods are accepted to be exempted from Trade Politics applications.

Exemption Types in Temporary Import Regime

Products entering country in scope of temporary import regime can be completely or partially exempted. Goods for complete exemption are listed. For partial exemption, goods except the complete exemption list are eligible.

In scope of complete exemption, there are;

  • Transportation vehicles,
  • Personal or sportive goods coming with passengers,
  • Medical equipment sent at emergencies,
  • Touristic advertisement materials and occupational equipment,
  • Packing and samples,
  • Spare part and accessories.

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