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Road Transportation

Do you want to benefit from cheap and fast solutions of road transportation? Then you can apply Dizayn Konsept to access our satisfying services.

Road transportation means transporting goods to the destination address with vehicles like articulated lorry or trucks. In this sense road transportation offers short transport times and efficient prices. This service has both advantages and disadvantages when compared with maritime and airline transportation. So you can prioritize details which are important for you.

We give priority to services special to demand while meeting expectations. If you also wonder the service you will take during your transportation, look at our service standards more closely!

Scope of Road Transportation Service

As Dizayn Konsept we aim the best in our services. We also offer you choices to prefer quality. Here are the alternatives for road transportation!

Complete and Partial Articulated Lorry Transportation

You can use advantages of complete or partial articulated lorry transportation according to amount and loading requirements of your products. And we offer solutions for you not to wait for long periods for both services. We send your load to the destination address at one time and we give efficient prices for partial transportation.

Safe and Fast Transportation

One of the most valuable features of road transportation is its speed. We take necessary precautions to transport products fast and safely. We keep vehicle quality always at the top standards and we succeed to reach the ideal level with our conscious personnel. You can also access the most ideal choices by preferring Dizeyn Konsept.

Vehicle Tracking Chance

If you want to carry out transportation processes with an improved quality, vehicle tracking chance is a valuable one! As Dizayn Konsept, we provide daily tracking of our vehicles and make the processes continue with the highest quality. You should look at this distinctive service of Dizayn Konsept in order to track your products.

Door to Door Delivery

We use professionals for transportation between vehicles. By this way transportation process becomes more qualified and products are not damaged. We keep quality at the top level during loading and unloading and use related equipment to minimise risks.

Road Transportation Prices

Do you want to benefit from the most successful services on road transportation? Then contact Dizayn Konsept for efficient prized and quality focused solutions. Our firm supports you with quality vehicles and reliable personnel while making you reach a high quality transportation process. You only take the advantage of efficient prizes.

Prices are determined considering location, load tonnage and amount and insurance status. You can start taking services by considering details important for you. Determine the most important details for a quality service and act quickly!

Why Dizayn Konsept?

We always aim to reach the better while going towards being the pioneer trademark of the sector. We do not make concession from quality and keep customer satisfaction at the top. You can have the best service on road transportation by contacting us.