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Project Loads

Project loads are preferred for loads with extraordinary dimension, weight and features. Transportation vehicles have certain dimensions but many equipment, machine and vehicle are carried with project loading works.

Experience is very important for loading works in and out of Europe. This type of load requires very cautious approaches starting from selection of vehicle to evaluation of road. As a trademark with a serious experience on project loading we offer you the best services. As Performans GMBH we finalise the process with our understanding of quality with the following processes:

Process Related with Project Loads

We carry out detailed examinations before accepting demands on project loads and we offer you quality in loading preparations. We execute the following steps in this scope.

Load Examination and Evaluation

Evaluations on loading method of goods with extraordinary dimension and features and types of vehicles are done. Technical specialists and loading professionals give the highest quality solutions. Planning is completed according to load and next phase about road and other details starts.

Road Examination and Evaluation

Road bends, slopes and other details are examined. If road is not appropriate for load, alternative routes are selected. Evaluation continues until finding the most ideal choice for load. Here delivering the load is not the only issue here, providing efficient costs is also important. Road examination is completed in detail for that purpose.

Different Transportation Solutions: Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal solutions are evaluated in order to give quality choices on project loads. Especially in order to avoid delays, evaluations are based on load, cost, speed and safety factors.

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