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Partial Transportation

Partial transportation offered by our firm provides some advantages. As a term partial means incomplete or including parts. The basic purpose in transportation sector is to reduce costs by planning loads on the same roads.

Load industry has many varieties inside it and there are many transportation modes. On this context it is also possible to use partial transportation services in maritime transportation.  Use of a single transportation ship for cargo of more than one dispatcher and / or for delivery to more than one receiver is called partial transportation. At the destination point, ship or container is unloaded and each dispatch can be demanded by appropriate receiver.

Importance of Partial Transportation

Especially for international transportation, carrying a small load with a single vehicle means a high cost. Instead of a complete transportation of a single firm, combining loads of customers to fill the vehicle provides important advantages on prices.

Partial transportation gives effective and fast solutions with combined use of road and maritime transportation. Maritime vessels and different road transportation types are used in combination to transport cargo fast. By this way the most appropriate transportation is used and costs are reduced.

Maritime cargo transportation is one of the most preferred partial transportation types. When the load is not enough and one shipper cannot fill the container, loads of different customers are shipped on the same vessel. With this method which is called as partial ocean transportation, loads on the same route are unloaded to ports or transfer ports and delivered to related addresses via road.

High Quality Partial Transportation Service

Partial transportation can be successful by organising and coordinating many factors as there are different customers, different loads and addresses. Different distribution addresses requires cautious use and distribution. Any fault or inattention can cause loss of time and financial losses. Contact us to have detailed information about partial transportation.