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Our firm also gives packing service in scope of transport services. You can use this service to pack your goods perfectly. Contact us to benefit from our professional packing services. Let’s examine products and packages used in scope of packing service.

Scope of Packing Service

Transportation package types used in road, maritime and air transportation include the following among others:

Cargo boxes made of plywood: We use these boxes to pack big and sensitive goods. These are very light and strong boxes.

Cargo boxes made of solid wood: They are the highest quality packages used to carry heavy items. Their strong structure protects all products against external factors.

Fibercardboard boxes: They are made by applying press on wood waste. They are very compact and strong no matter the direction of load is. This kind of boxes is designed to carry lighter and smaller objects.

Ajour cargo boxes: They can carry both light and heavy boxes. They protect products against corrosion with special barrier coating. As an additional advantage, ajour cargo boxes are cheaper than solid wood boxes.

Military boxes: They are prepared according to project. They have special interior hardware in mould and holder form to keep arms and ammunition. This kind of boxes is fixed with high quality hinges, locks and connection parts.

Pallet boxes: These boxes are made on bottom of a pallet. They can be made of any material as wood, plywood, OSB or fibreboard. They are generally used to carry vegetables, fruits or smaller items.

Carrying platforms: They are used at production facilities, warehouses and plants. Their basic use is transportation of non-standard and bulky products. Some of our activities include individual design and adjustments according to special customer order based on agreed technical propositions and size of big objects.

You can contact us to benefit from professional transportation services and packing advantages.