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Opening Permission

Providing the widest solution on customs applications, Performans Gümrük offers you perfect services on opening permissions! We support you in all your transactions in scope of Customs Legislation and make you use this right in importation/exportation processes. We control the process of examination of goods and products.

Opening Permission which is regulated in scope of Customs Regulation can be seen as a preliminary examination. Given in 41st article of Customs Law, this right is explained in 87th article of the same law. According to this it is expressed that; ‘Permission can be given to related and authorised persons on demand to examine or sample a good which enters customs before it is subjected to a transaction or use approved by customs’.

What is the Purpose of Opening Permission?

Customs Declaration determines type of good and its tariff. So it is necessary to know type and tariff of each good for customs transactions. But customs consultants sometimes do not have enough information on this. In this case physical inspection becomes necessary.

Tariff is determined and preliminary examination of products can be done in scope of opening permission. Especially it is possible to do detailed examinations in order to determine whether the product complies with the original in scope of opening permission. In this case customs consultants make examinations in the name of institution and trademarks they represent.

Performans Gümrük and Opening Permission

Opening Permission is not always used, it is preferred exceptionally. But if there is inconsistency between documents and goods at importation transactions, customs consultant can do physical examination of the related product. As Performans Gümrük we act strictly according to the laws in order to protect our customers from legal problems.

We give importance to inconsistency between documents and goods which can make you face with the crime of smuggling. Evidences are set forth with a physical examination in case of a possible legal investigation. By this way it is possible to benefit from a double protection system. Benefit from Opening Right in scope of our professional services!