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Maritime Transportation

Although maritime transportation is not a satisfactory alternative when time is an important factor, it is one of the most ideal choices for transportation of high tonnage goods. It is very valuable to consider various details when you give decisions on transportation processes. You can access our services in order to fulfil all your expectations. Because we care for you!

Ships can take different amounts of loads according to sizes and this makes maritime transportation the first choice for those demanding price advantage. Many people prefer maritime transportation due to the high level of safety and quality.

You can also demand safe and cheap transportation of goods with maritime transportation. You can find the most ideal transportation choice with Dizayn Konsept, no matter the types or features of your product are.

Advantages of Maritime Transportation

There are many details to consider during transportation of a good. Price, quality, security and speed are among these details. As Dizayn Konsept, we promise you correct solutions related with all details. Here are the alternatives for a maritime transportation!

Full Container or Partial Transportation Choice

Type and amount of load is very important for maritime transportation, as in other types of transportation. You can complete transportation process with full container or partial container choices. This choice does not only provide efficient prizes but it also makes a fast loading process possible. You can decide on the ideal choice by contacting Dizayn Konsept.

Special Container Types According to Load

Container is a closed medium where loads are put inside. Containers can change according to features of the load. In this scope Open Top containers are used for flooding loads or Flat Racks are used for very wide products. As Dizayn Konsept, we provide different container types for different needs and services. We suggest you to make your container choice according to our specialists’ accumulation of knowledge. By this way the process is completed with success without any problem.

Service at All Ports of the World

Besides the advantage of price, maritime transportation gives chance to make transportation to almost all countries of the world. In this sense, very big sized loads are loaded on ships and reach destination addresses after a long route. If you also want to send your load to the other side of the world, you can plan a maritime transportation with Dizayn Konsept.

Port to Port and Door to Door Transportation

You can use door to door or port to port transportation choices according to transportation demands of your business partners and your operation methods. Dizayn Konsept responds all your demands on transportation types with a privileged process. You should only start the process in order to have a perfect transportation!

Maritime Transportation Prices

Maritime transportation is an effective priced choice with high quality. Unit price decreases by transporting high amounts of loads and people prefer this choice for the quality and price. You can also reach the best service with Dizayn Konsept. By selecting an appropriate solution, you will have the ideal solution on price – performance context.