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Handling is expressed as material processing work. This process affects productivity at warehouses, production facilities and distribution centres. An inefficient facility causes errors and delays which damages the customer loyalty and business competition.

Transportation of materials is not only related with classifying goods into unit loads. Successful enterprises spend time in order to monitor and improve material processing systems to protect the following areas.

  • Integrity of goods
  • Productivity of retail warehouses, 3PL warehouses, distribution centres or production facilities
  • Physical and spiritual health of employees

When a dispatch is received, a good material transportation process provides transportation of goods from the dock to the appropriate shelf on time. It also considers appropriate control of materials. With a material handling process which limits access to certain parts of warehouse with certain employees, you can decrease theft, damage and deterioration risks. Appropriate material handling allows warehouses to store goods in an organised way and makes it easy to select inventory for dispatches and packing.

How is Handling Executed?

Your warehouse storage affects your material transportation system much. A bad warehouse layout causes bottlenecks, increases movement waste (more than necessary movement inside warehouse) and increases injury risk due to manual material use. A good designed warehouse layout eases processes, decreases worker movements and affects physical and mental health of employees in a positive way. Following equipment is used for handling:

Storage and transportation equipment: Goods are stored between delivery and transportation times. Stacking frames and shelves are examples for this equipment.

Designed systems: These are automatic systems which transport goods from a warehouse in an efficient way and decrease the need for manual intervention. Examples of this equipment are automatic storage and access systems (AS / RS), robotic distribution systems, automatic guided vehicles and conveyor systems.

Industrial trucks: These are motor vehicles which move materials inside a warehouse. Forklifts, hand barrows and pallet jacks are examples of these vehicles.

Bunk Material Transportation Equipment: This equipment helps workers to carry big loads. Bucket chains, stackers and silos are examples of this equipment.