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Free Storage Operations

We support you with valuable services as Dizayn Konsept Logistics. We keep your products safe with our warehousing solutions with or without customs clearance.

Free warehousing operations are also known as warehousing operations without customs clearance. As it can be understood from its name, in this choice stored goods are not subject to any customs clearance operation as their customs transactions are already completed.

Customs clearance of products which are not free moving should be done. Otherwise these products must wait at the warehouse. Different from warehouse, as free storage does not have customs transactions, every product cannot be stored in this choice.

What are Free Storage Operations?

You can keep your products in our free storage in order to benefit from storage transactions of products which are not free moving. What are our offers in our free storage? You can find all details below:

Customs cleared products which are not yet taken by their owners can be kept at free storages. Everything is kept safely here. All precautions are taken as in warehousing operations about product storage.

Fire and safety systems are installed at free storages, as in warehouses, to provide safety of products. So you can benefit from quality solutions. If you also want to store your free moving products for a certain time, you can contact Dizayn Konsept.

Why Dizayn Konsept Logistics?

Answering your demands especially in customs and storage operations, Dizayn Konsept Lojistik offers effective prices and high quality solutions.

We use cutting edge technology while providing safe storage for your goods. We want to answer all your demands on this context. You can contact us for high performance and budget friendly solutions at storage.