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Flammable Good Storage

You can provide stacking of flammable products with flammable good storage services. As Dizayn Konsept Logistics we do not only provide high quality, but we also offer the highest standards on safety.

Storage of flammable goods cannot be done randomly. It is necessary to comply with certain standards and take necessary precautions on this. The most important detail on flammable good storage is the size of the area. The area should be big enough.

As Dizayn Konsept Logistics we offer high quality and perfect solutions. And we offer our solutions without making concession to quality.

Points to Consider While Storing Flammable Goods

Have you ever wondered important points while storing flammable goods? Dizayn Konsept Logistics explains is promises on services. We stack products in good standards in this scope.

  • We pay attention not to leave flammable material wastes on shelves. We carry out necessary cleaning and controls on this.
  • We protect goods from external dangers with wires and walls.
  • We use 7/24 CCTV cameras for safety.
  • We benefit from lightning rod solutions against thunder risks.
  • We warn employees about prohibitions and breaches inside storages.
  • We take physical precautions against fire, give WHS personnel trainings.
  • We employ specialist personnel on dangerous storage in our firm.
  • Safety standards reach the highest point with disinfection against insects, insurance against natural disasters and ceiling spring system against fires.

We store flammable materials with a quality process management while considering these issues.