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Exportation Customs Transactions

Exportation can be defined simply as selling and dispatching a good from one country to another one. Customs Law defines exportation term more technically. According to this, exportation means dispatch of free moving goods from a country to another country. Some of the frequently asked questions about exportation are given below:

Exportation regime; it is the regime where provisions are applied when free moving goods exit Turkish Customs Area for exportation.

Advantages of exportation;

Countries earn foreign currency with exportation. Different institution and authorities provide various convenience and advantages for exportation transactions. On top of the advantages of exportation there are tax exemptions. This is generally called as “tax refund”. You can refund Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and VAT you pay for a good using SCT and VAT exemption for exportations carried out under certain conditions. Besides customs tax is not applied for exportation. You do not pay customs tax for exported goods.

How can I be an Exporter?

All real or public persons who have a tax number can be an exporter by being a member of an exporter union related with the exported product. It is not necessary to take a special permission or license in order to be an exporter in our country.

Can I export all products?

You can export all products which are not forbidden by the state.

You have to take permission from public authorities in order to export some goods. When you decide to make exportation, we advise you to learn whether you need to take a permission or if your product is forbidden to be exported. In order to do this it is enough to look at the list of goods which are forbidden to be exported or for which you have to take permission. First you should identify your product well, and know its commercial name and features in order to learn whether your product is in these lists. You can contact us to learn if your product is in the forbidden or preliminary permission list.

Scope of Exportation Customs Transactions

  • Determination of related Customs Tariff Statistic Position of exported good.
  • Taking permissions for goods which are subject to exportation permission according to principles and procedures given in the exportation regime and related legislation. (Example: health certificate, non-hazardous waste exportation permission etc.)
  • Preparing customs declaration according to Customs Law, related regulations and the legal customs regime after checking necessary documents which will be submitted to customs directorate.
  • Following and completing transactions of prepared exportation declaration at the related customs.
  • Preparing movement documents according to countries and doing approvals.
  • Digital archiving of exportation documents.
  • Delivery of papers accompanying goods to transporter.
  • Following closing of exportation declarations. (Vedop)