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Contract Transportation

Contract transportation, which is also called contract logistics, is the transaction where all movements and logistics from raw material to consuming are transferred from producer or distributor companies to logistic institutions. Contract logistics means transferring source management tasks to third party companies. Contract logistics companies carry out the following tasks;

  • Design and planning of supply chains
  • Design of plants
  • Storage
  • Transportation and distribution of goods
  • Processing of orders and collecting payments
  • Managing inventory and activities like providing even some part of customer services.

Scope of Contract Transportation

Logistics management is the most important component of profitability and general success for many companies. Some companies manage their logistics, while others employ contract logistic companies to manage their logistic operations. Contract logistic companies should develop a deep understanding on working principles of different industries in order to manage their logistic operations.

Logistic management for international enterprises is the basic factor of a sustainable rivalry advantage. So many contract logistics company are founded by old logistic managers who already know different sectors.

Professional Solutions with Contract Logistics

Today there are professional firms giving contract logistics services. Our firm is the leading one of them. But many new services damaging traditional supply chain model have emerged since start of these services.

If you also want to have more detailed information about said services and transactions, you are at the correct place. Please contact us to have detailed information on the subject.

Our firm gives the highest importance to customer satisfaction while giving various services. On this context we work with professional and specialist people for contract transportation services. You can tell your requirements in detail by contacting with our firm which is pride of its services complying to its principles and vision. After learning these details we can provide the best services for you.