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Binding Origin Information

Binding origin information is an administrative decision like binding tariff information. This document is given to persons who will do customs transactions for the first time and it is very valuable for determination of origin. As Performans Customs, we support you in transactions about taking origin information. Besides we try to ease the process while meeting your demands.

Many people who are new at customs transactions think they will have problems due to lack of information. So they want support from a specialist unit or institution in order to have information. If you also feel the same, you should demand binding origin certificate. As the name suggests, it is better to look at the details on how this binding certificate can be taken.

How Can I Apply for Binding Origin Information?

Those who want to take binding origin certificate must make an application for it. This certificate is evaluated as a private administrative decision and it is necessary to fill a form and submit to regional trade directorates for application. The related institution takes a decision according to the application and gives binding information about the origin.

Origin of related goods is determined as given by the decision. If detailed information is wrong, decision can be cancelled. When it is cancelled, validity of the origin information ends at the cancellation date.

Why Performans Customs?

As Performans Customs, we support you with special solutions and quality services. We have been giving services on different areas with solutions on customs transactions for long years.

We support you to take a 3 year permission related with binding origin certificate which is one of the most important areas of customs transactions. We especially give support to take permissions and to renew them at the end of validity.