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As one of the most important steps of transportation sector, barcoding provides safe transportation of products to destination points. With barcoding service, which is given in scope of transportation services, you can send you product and goods to different addresses safely. Barcoding provides various advantages as follows:

Product Management

Production and test data are created, product description code is used for production quality control data, product control is completed, product description code and product files are created, production plan is arranged, production process is monitored and production range quality is improved with barcoding.

Sales Information System

Sales and distribution management of computers can be used for fast and correctly wit barcodes.  On this context barcoding is very important for sales information system.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse, inventory, monthly stock transfer and different works can be monitored easily with barcoding.

Inventory Management

With barcoding it is possible to describe types, features, origins, trade names and packages of goods and to list different goods according to distribution departments.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse area management is the management of inventory area. When goods are at warehouse, it is possible to execute first in first out or batch management according to stock period of goods at the warehouse.

Single Piece Good Management

Barcode technology does not only manage product stocks according to types, but it also manages a certain single piece of product stock. Using the product cursor, status of a single product can be saved and product can be followed and managed. By this way warehousing can be executed more precisely.

Sorting Management

During distribution and warehousing of goods, it is necessary to deal with many goods in a fast and efficient way using different equipment and collection methods. We automatically separate and select goods using barcode technology.

Barcode scanner device is used to scan barcodes. Optical principle is used in order to decode barcode content and transfer to a computer or other equipment via a data line or wireless connection. You can prefer us to use these services in the most efficient way.