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Ata Carnet Transaction

Ata Carnet Transaction generally means foreign trade transactions executed with Ata Carnets. These documents provide temporary importation and exportation of goods between countries which are parties of the International Temporary Importation Contract and its annexes.

Ata system is organised with coordination of Global Chambers Federation in scope of International Chamber of Commerce and Global Ata Carnet Council in countries.

Benefits of Ata System

As an international system, Ata system is founded to execute temporary importation transactions by customs authorities, institutions, persons and organisations. Ata carnets are guaranteed internationally. With these carnets it is not necessary to do any transaction by importers and customs authorities during importation for any goods.

Ata carnets are prepared easily by carnet holders and controlled by customs authorities easily. Ata carnets reduce the clearance periods of goods. It provides its holder the chance to have more than one contracting party and more than one temporary importation possibility in different validity periods.

Ata Carnets are prepared by officially charged guarantor institutions of each country. These documents are valid for 1 year. It is not possible to prolong their validity period to use goods longer in scope of temporary importation regime.

Which Goods are Appropriate for Ata Carnets?

Usage areas of Ata carnets are below:

  1. Goods to be Exhibited or Used in Exhibitions, Fairs and Similar Organisations
  2. Occupational Materials
  3. Containers, Pallets, Packages, Samples and Other Goods Imported to be Used for a Commercial Activity
  4. Goods Imported for Production
  5. Goods Imported for Educational, Scientific or Cultural Purposes
  6. Personal Belongings of Passengers and Goods Imported for Sportive Purposes
  7. Touristic Promotion Materials
  8. Goods Imported in scope of Border Trade
  9. Goods Imported for Humanitarian Reasons