Clarification Text For Third Parties - Performans Group

As data controller Companies, we state that in according to PDPL, the personal data that you share or Company demand, may be recorded, stored, protected, retrieved, transferred to establishments which have right to demand this personal data, transferred to third parties in country or in abroad in according to purposes stated in PDPL, categorized, processed with the procedure specified in PDPL, erasured, destructed or anonymized only in case where the conditions written in PDPL and Disposal Policy occurs.



Personal data of third parties which have been made public by themselves may be processed.

Identification data Name, Surname, date of birth and place, gender, ID data
Communication Data Phone Number, Adress, E-mail Adress
Financial Data Bank information, IBAN number, account of seller, payment condition, invoice data, cheque data, payment amount, tax amount, trade register number, tax board, payment mode, financial year etc.
Educational Data Data of education, certificate and diploma data, foreign language data, education and skills, CV, courses
Visual and Audial  Data  Photo, sound and camera recording that belong to real person.
Customer Operation Data Recordings relating the use of products and services and customers directives and demands relating the use of products and services, etc.
Other Plate, tonnage, company number, request number, datas on control form, supplier list, item number, value, address form, seller group, document type



Your personal data are processed in accordance with reasons stated in PDPL article 5 and article 6.

Your personal data may be processed proportionate and especially for providing and improving goods and services, providing rights and benefits relating to use of products and services, managing and improving the activity of company, managing business relations and other reasons hereinbelow;

  • Performing legal obligations,
  • Legal and commercial security of the Company,
  • Financial processes and accounting,
  • Performing business processes, supervision and improvement,
  • Communication activities,
  • Establishment and performance of the contract,
  • Managing customer relationship,
  • After sales services,
  • Inspections and ethics,
  • Managing relations with third parties,
  • Planing the authority of third parties to access data,
  • Lojistic/Transportation processes,
  • Training activities,
  • Security of Company’s facilities,
  • Purchasing goods and services, manufacturing and operational processes,
  • Information security processes.



Within the frame of and Companies’ administration, management and financial operations, personal data can be processed within the reasons that stated with as it is required; under the PDPL article 5/2(a) it is expressly provided for by the laws, under the PDPL article 5/2(c) it is directly related to the establishment or performance of the contract, under the PDPL article 5/2(d) personal data has been made public by the data subject, under the PDPL article 5/2(e) data processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or protection of any right or under the PDPL article 5/2(f) processing of data is necessary for the legitimate interest pursued by the data controller.

Your personal data submitted verbally, physically or via electronic environments by you or your company’s representatives/employees and through also company’s website, mobile applications, information request form on social media, social communication applications, e-mail, call center, appointment forms and contracts are  collected.



Our Company states that your personal data may be transferred by Company in accordance with purposes stated in Clarification Text to employees of the Company, group company (Company and/or it’s business associates, shareholders), legally capable state institutions and organizations, independent auditing firm pursuant to legal obligations and limits and proportionate to it’s actions, Company’s business associates and service providers in order to actions and services that are provided to fulfill.

Your personal data may be transferred to abroad in the scope of PDPL article 4/2 with your explicit consent and in case of conditions required in article 5/2 and 6/3 without your explicit consent.



According to PDPL article 11 and applicaple law, you have right to request to the data controller,

  • to learn whether personal data that belonged are processed or not, to demand for information as to if personal data have been processed,
  • to learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether these personal data are used in compliance with the purpose,
  • to know the third parties to whom his personal data are transferred in country or abroad,

You have right to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any, to request the erasure or destruction of personal data according to PDPL article 7. You have right to request reporting of the operations carried out to third parties to whom belonged personal data have been transferred.

Your disposal request will be reviewed and appropriate disposal method will be decided. You have right to demand information about the disposal method that has choosen.

You can object to the result of personal data analysis that has been constitute by automatic system if it is against your benefit.

You have right to demand compensate for your damage and loss because of processing personal data against the law.

Requests in your application will be concluded free of charge and in thirty days at least, depends on qualification of the request. If process requires costs for Company, price list on Communique On The Principles And Procedures For The Request To Data Controller will be applied.

You shall submit to data controller Companies by filling the application form on Companys’ website through Registered Mail Adress (KEP), secure electronic signature, mobile signature, apply in written form or via electronic mail adres that has submitted and recorded.

Company may be in the need of additional verification to identify the application and to protect your rights

Herein the Clarification Text, may be revised by Company when it is necessary. Notification will be made in case of such revision.


Data Controller 1
Company Name: Performans Lojistik Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Mersis No: 0728036623200010
Phone Number: 444 673 7
E-mail Adress:
Kep adress: 25969-17276-73343
Adress: Altıntepe Mah. İstasyon Yolu Sk. No: 3 İç Kapı No: 1

Maltepe / İstanbul


Data Controller 2
Company Name: Performans Gümrük Müşavirliği Limited Şirketi
Mersis No: 0728036623200010
Phone Number: 444 673 7
E-mail Adress:
Kep adress: 25979-17229-20234
Adress: Altıntepe Mah. İstasyon Yolu Sk. No: 3 İç Kapı No: 1

Maltepe / İstanbul


Data Controller 3
Company Name: Dizayn Konsept Lojistik Hizmetleri ve Depolama Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
Mersis No: 0301055789600015
Phone Number: 444 673 7
E-mail Adress:
Adress: Altıntepe Mah. İstasyon Yolu Sk. No: 3 İç Kapı No: 1

Maltepe / İstanbul