About Us

As Performans Grup, we ensure you to meet the customer expectations within the scope of our Information Security and Quality Policy, which uses the Electronic Information Assets of the Customs and Foreign Trade Transactions such as Import, Export, Transit, Customs Clearance and the activities related to these transactions such as Logistics, Storage, Accounting, Finance and Information Processing to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and continuously improving the quality management system by working in compliance with legal conditions and legislations, providing competitive advantage by increasing the efficiency of our activities by following technological developments, increasing the effective participation and working efficiency by meeting the needs and expectations of our employees, providing trust, equality, impartiality and confidentiality in service, having trained staff to lead and lead nationally and internationally, using resources in the most effective and economical way to reach our goals and targets as soon as possible, continuously improving the services we offer to our customers, seeing teamwork as one of the essential elements of our corporate culture, creating a valuable corporate culture and to activate the working environment, ensuring continuous employee satisfaction, carrying out systematic and planned training, participation and development studies in order to achieve the determined targets and meeting their needs and expectations.

Mission & Vision


In line with our understanding of reliability and high business ethics that we provide with our Solutions and Services, to keep the interests of our customers at the maximum level and to complete all their transactions in a minimum time without causing any penalties.


To catch the dynamic and stable rising trend in the globalizing world, to be aware of the importance of the legal conditions related to Laws and Legislations and to provide fast and quality service following these conditions.